What are you calling in more of?

What are you calling in more of?

It doesn’t mean that external circumstances magically improve and that hardship and disappointment suddenly evaporate. It can mean that we respond to life’s obstacles with a steady baseline of basic okay-ness.

In this guide, you’ll practice calling in more of what you want: Happiness!

You’ll get affirmations for the:

💕 day/morning

💕 evening/night

💕 self-love

💕 faith

💕 loving kindness

💕 health, wealth, and more!

Be Your Own Best Friend: Affirmations eBook

Did you know that through the power of our thoughts, we are in a constant co-creation with life?

The power of thought and the spoken word is extraordinarily strong. What you think becomes your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions make up your day. Your days make up your life. What reality are you co-creating with your words?


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