Ancestral Healing Summit

Medicine for Our Times

Indigenous Wisdom is our Birthright. Practice sacred listening across various spiritual traditions, from very unique speakers and guides.

If you’re curious how history informs the present moment. How those came before us influence our current experiences…

If you seek to heal intergenerational trauma, collective trauma and from the ongoing effects of (neo) colonialism…

If you seek relief and yearn to access deep peace within, connect with nature and your ancestors; to trust the indigenous wisdom medicine with you…

You’re in the right place!

Sign up free with the discount code: HEALING100 until Nov 3rd! After that you can you purchase the course and own it for life.

Online video course: Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

Join me for a comprehensive introduction into Ashtanga Yoga. This course has been designed for beginners of yoga. It has been created to foster inclusion and accessibility. No previous experience is required; just an open mind and curious spirit.

Be Your Own Best Friend: Affirmations eBook

Did you know that through the power of our thoughts, we are in a constant co-creation with life?

The power of thought and the spoken word is extraordinarily strong. What you think becomes your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions make up your day. Your days make up your life. What reality are you co-creating with your words?

Rest + Resilience: Meditations for Uncertain Times

Allow me to be your guide and companion through our brave, new world. Between worries about the coronavirus, to thinking about the health of your loved ones, or the economic effects of an extended lockdown, it’s no secret that we’re living in strange, difficult times. Meditation can help.


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