loving kindness/metta meditation

…sit and watch your f***ing mind…

Lama Rod Owens

In addition to a daily seated practice, Wambui’s ongoing self-study on meditation includes the following:

  • Black Wisdom summit with Rev. angel Kyodo williams
  • Dharma talks & guided practice with Liberate App; 10% Happier App; Awaken App
  • Buddhist Peace Fellowship Courses: U Mad? Wisdom for Rageful Times; Get Out: Wisdom for Scary Times; What’s my Role in the Revolution?
  • Real Love with Sharon Salzberg
  • Dream Yoga with Andrew Holecek
  • Living & Dying: Navigating the Bardos with Andrew Holecek
  • Aging as a Spiritual Practice with Lewis Richmond
  • Sally Kempton’s Energies of Transformation + Awakened Heart Meditation

Wambui offers virtual private meditation sessions as well as consulting sessions for yoga studio owners and organisations.

Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within

James Baldwin

Rest + Resilience: Meditations for Uncertain Times

Allow me to be your guide and companion through our brave, new world. Between worries about the coronavirus, to thinking about the health of your loved ones, or the economic effects of an extended lockdown, it’s no secret that we’re living in strange, difficult times. Meditation can help.


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