If you really want to disrupt a system, start by reclaiming your body

Lama Rod Owens
loving kindness/metta meditation

In the spirit of Zen Buddhist master, peace activist and teacher of mindful living: Thich Nhat Hanh, when contemplative practices inform activism, engaged meditation can help those working at the forefront of social change. Wambui’s passionate about contributing and supporting those who work tirelessly to create a more just, equitable world for all. In addition to meditation for general audiences, Wambui offers meditation and inner resourcing skills for social justice activists, racial equity trainers, climate change advocates and educators and all those working to disrupt violent, oppressive systems, both within and without.

If you’re involved in such work, your self-care is essential. Radical change within deeply embedded power structures and systemic inequity is urgent; yet, it doesn’t happen fast enough. As a result, burn out is a common and serious factor. The benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices have been widely documented. Now more than ever, the opportunity to create community while implementing a regular meditation practice is before us. If you wish to:

  • relieve anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger
  • remain calm and grounded amidst uncertainty
  • focus and organize your thoughts more clearly
  • understand the triggers of compulsive behavior and addiction
  • have an inner dialogue with yourself that isn’t so critical and harsh
  • connect better with your kids, friends, spouse, neighbors
  • resolve conflict and be more creative
  • get quiet enough to access spirit, nature, God 
  • feel more kind and compassionate

    …then a meditation session is for you.

First, do no harm

– Physician’s Oath

In addition to a daily seated practice, Wambui’s ongoing self-study on meditation includes the following:

  • Black Wisdom summit with Rev. angel Kyodo williams
  • Dharma talks & guided practice with Liberate App + 10% Happier App
  • Real Love with Sharon Salzberg
  • Dream Yoga with Andrew Holecek
  • Living & Dying: Navigating the Bardos with Andrew Holecek
  • Sally Kempton’s Energies of Transformation + Awakened Heart Meditation
  • In the Footsteps of Thich Nhat Hanh Summit with Lion’s Roar

Wambui offers virtual private/group meditation sessions as well as consulting sessions for yoga + wellness studio owners and organizations.

I’m ready to disrupt by inquiring within…


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Super nurturing, caring, highly attuned, sensitive and intuitive. Wambui worked with deep insight and sensitivity, body, mind, spirit. This is a deeply nourishing and healing experience. I can not recommend it enough.

– Tamara Ashley

Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within

James Baldwin

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